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Part 1 Company's Business
1. Policy and business overview
2. Nature of Business
3. Risk Factors
4. Assets in Business
5. Legal Dispute
6. Company General Information
Part 2 Management and Corporate Governance
7.The Company's Capital and Shareholders
8. Organisation's Structure
9. Corporate Governance
10. Corporate Social Responsibilities
11. Internal Control and Risk Management
12. Related Transactions
Part 3 Financial Status and Operational Results
13. Financial Highlight
14. Financial Status and Operating Results Analysis
Information Certification
Attachment 1 Details of Directors, Management, Authorized person and Secretary of
                         the Company
Attachment 2 Information of Subsidiaries's Executives
Attachment 3 Information of Chief Internal Auditor and Cheif of Compliance Unit
Attachment 4 Information of Appraised Value of Assets
Attachment 5 Others Information
                         - The Audit Committee's report
                         - Nominating and Compensation Committee's report

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