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Asia Capital Group Public Company Limited (Companyor ACAP) formerly named ACAP Advisory Public Company Limited which changed from Asian Capital Advisers Company Limited. It was established since 1998 by Dr.Vivat Vithoontien expertise in financial business.

  • The Company is established under the name of Asian Capital Advisers Company Limited to provide corporate finance and investment banking advisory.
  • The Company is transformed into a public limited company and its name is changed to ACAP Advisory Public Company Limited.
  • Japan Asia Investment Corporation (JAIC) and JAIC Asia Holding Pte. Ltd., invest in Company common shares.
  • The Company issues 23 million new common shares in an IPO and Company shares become publicly listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) in Thailand (ticker symbol ACAP).
  • ACAP Asset Management Company Limited (ACAP AMC) receives an AMC license from the Bank of Thailand.
  • ACAP (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is established with paid up capital of MYR 500,000 and becomes the first Bank Negara Malaysia approved housing loan servicer in Malaysia.
  • The Company successfully acquires and manages a USD 70 million Malaysian NPL portfolio on behalf of a client.
  • ORIX Corporation of Japan invests in a private placement of 25 million Company shares.
  • In conjunction with ORIX Corporation, the Company acquires Capital OK Company Limited, a major personal and consumer loan provider with paid up capital of THB 7.5 billion.
1st half
  • International Finance Corporation invests in Company shares with the aim to build on the Companys asset management platform and help develop non-performing loan resolution in emerging markets across Asia.
  • ACAP Services Company Limited registered and paid-up capital is increased to THB 10 million and its name is changed to Global Service Center Company Limited (GSC) in order to expand into providing receivables collection and call center services to other companies and financial institutions.
  • The Company increases its investment in CAP OK from previous its holding of 50.99% to 99.99% of issued shares by purchasing 49.01% of issued shares from existing CAP OK shareholder, ORIX Corporation, which is also major shareholder of the Company.
  • In February, ACS has registered with the Thai Consultant Database Center of the Ministry of Finance to be a financial advisor type A, license number 3093, as a result of which ACS is be eligible to be considered for work by the public sector.
  • P COLs capital was increased from THB 20 million to THB 220 million.
  • ACAP (ASIA) Asset Management Company Limited was established as a subsidiary with a registered capital of THB 25 million. The shares are owned primarily by two of its other subsidiaries, CAP OK and ACAP (Malaysia). It is licensed by the Bank of Thailand to conduct asset management business regulated under the Asset Management Royal Decree B.E. 2541. It was established to participate in future NPL portfolio acquisitions.
  • Aurum Capital Advisory Pte. Ltd. (AURUM) is established as a subsidiary of the Company. The firm is based in Singapore with 63.97% of share holding by the Company and provides investment banking services.
  • The Company sold all its shares in STAR Asset Management Company Limited.
  • The Company sold all its shares in ACAP Asset Management Company Limited., a 99.99% ownedsubsidiary of the Company.
  • The liquidation of ACAP (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. In Malaysia, a 99.99% owned subsidiary of the Company.
  • Dr. Vivat Vithoontien, Chief Executive Officer of the Company who was the top major shareholder, reduced his shareholding proportion from 49.19 per cent to 8.87 per cent.
  • The Company purchased all shares of PCOL from CAP OK, a subsidiary, at 99.99 per cent of that company, representing 99.99 per cent of the registered capital of PCOL, so that the Company directly held shares in PCOL at the rate of 99.99 per cent.
  • ACAP Corporate Services Company Limited (ACS) increased the registered capital at the amount of THB 4 million from THB 31,000,000 to THB 35,000,000 at THB 10 par value by issuance of 400,000 newly share capital to increase liquidity for business operation.
  • On May 11, 2015 Dr.Vivat Vithoontien, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director resigned from other positions except director. On June 22, 2015, he resigned from director position and sold all shares to new group of shareholder.
  • Professional Collection Company Limited (PCOL) changed its name to OK Cash Company Limited (OK Cash) and changed the Company seal on September 3, 2015.
  • The Company increased its shareholding proportion from 2.39 per cent to 99.99 per cent of total issued shares in ACAP (ASIA) Asset Management Company Limited by acquiring 2,440,001 shares from COK.
  • Global Service Center Co.,Ltd (GSC) increased its the registered capital from THB 10 million to THB 60 million by issue 50 million newly shared at THB 10 par value to be suitable for business size of the Company.
  • The Company sold all share of ACAP Corporate Services Company Limited (ACS) to new shareholder on December 1 , 2015.
  • On February 17, 2016, the Extra General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2016 passed the resolution to approve changing the Company name from Acap Advisory Public Compny Limited to Asia Capital Group Public Compny Limited.
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