Notice of Repayment progress of the Company's Debenture No. 3/2016 due in 2018

As Asia Capital Group Public Company Limited has raised funds through the
issuance of debentures to operate in accordance with the business plan. We would
like to inform you that Debenture No.3/2559, due 2018 (ACAP180A) in the amount
of 1,237.3 Million Baht, due for repayment on October 16, 2018. The Company has
fully repaid the debenture holders. Considering the merger with the 2 debentures
due 2018, the two debentures are Debentures No. 1/2559 and Debentures No.
2/2559, resulting in the Company has already repaid the debentures totaling
1,941.4 Million Baht in 2018.

We would like to express our gratitude to all bondholders for their confidence
and investment to be part of the business to achieve our goal. The company is
committed to operate the business to grow strong and stable for the benefits of
shareholders and investors with management approach which is based on
transparency and principles of Good Governance, reflecting on current strong
performance of the company and growth of the affiliates company.



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