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Loan Business

Under the title OK Cash Company Limited, it operates loan business for customers and the business sector to support their working capital and/or liquidity. The loan can be divided into 2 major types as follows:

Corporate Loan
Corporate Loan is the loan offer to customers in private sector in order to support their working capital or/and liquidity. It is in a form of loan contract or consignment agreement. The condition of approval must be a loan with collateral while the customer has the capacity to repay the loan. The duration is not over 1 year. If considering from credit limit of the Company and the business sector, it can be divide into 3 groups as follows:

  • Big business with credit limit more than or equal to THB 300 million/customer.
  • Medium business with credit limit more than or equal to THB 50 million/customer.
  • Small business with credit limit less than THB 50 million/customer.

Retail Loan
Retail Loan is a loan offer to customers via vendor program as an agreement with the manufacturer or the product owner. The example of the ongoing project by the Company is the loan offer for buyers who use “Term Sabuy” machine of the manufacturer, "Term Sabuy". This type of loan aims to support retailers to invest to gain more income.

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